Still riding on the high from last Saturday’s “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life” seminar


It’s been a few days since “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life”.  As I temporarily packed away my event organiser’s hat and get back to my normal day to day, I am still really pumped myself, with so many new ideas opportunities already came to me post event.  At the same time, I am also super excited for the participants, as I have already heard so many great things and shifts that happened after the event!


A journey that started with a birthday reflection

As I reflected upon my 33rd year on this planet, while enjoying the beautiful sunlight in Auckland, I started thinking how amazing would it be, if there is an event where the participants can hear stories of how others found their dreams and passion, when everything seems so impossible.

On the 24th of March, the day after my birthday, I posted a post on two of my social network pages seeking speakers to speak at “ Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life” just before I was about to step out the door. Little did I know, an amazing journey is about to set sail the moment I clicked “post”.

I had an overwhelming flow of responses from speakers all over Australia. Within 24 hours, I have completed my lineup of speakers and more.


The Big Day

8 weeks goes by super fast when you are promoting an event!

I was excited but also nervous at the same time. I was excited to meet many of my speakers for the first time, especially when two of them are flying from Brisbane just for the event. I was also excited for the participants, because I know this is going to be an amazing event and they are all going to get so much out of it.

Behind the excitement however, was also a sense of uncertainty, nervousness and doubt.   What if no one showed up? What if they are not happy with the venue? What if they don’t like the food? What if the speakers are not happy with the set up? … the list goes on. The doubt and self talk disappeared as soon as the speakers started to turn up.   Even though I had only spoken to some of the on the phone or online, it feels like I have known them for a while already.

The event was a success, by morning tea the room was buzzing with inspirations, growth and aha moments, even though I couldn’t be in the room the whole time, I could feel the positive energy following from the room all the way across the hall way to the kitchen!

I thought I would share the top three tips I have taken away from “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life” myself:


  1. Never Compare

It’s your life! Not anyone else’s! So often we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others, which then lead to disappointments.

We compare ourselves against the standards of others, , instead of looking within to see what is really right for ourselves. Just like buying a pair of shoes or buying an outfit. What looks amazing on someone else, may not always looks the best on me. In order to live life on our own terms, we must first find what is right for us, and the only way to do that , is to look inwards.


  1. Be grateful each day

Being grateful instead of bitter. All of the speakers agreed, by being grateful, we see life in a completely different light. It allows us to let go of the events outside of our control and see the positives in every situation. It also allows us to create more “space” to allow new ideas, inspirations and opportunities to come into our lives.


  1. Surround yourself with like minded people as well as people who are a few levels above you

Surrounding yourself with people who will support you, hold you to a higher standard and guide you through difficulties!   Find support groups that will support different areas of your life, and find mentors that will help you with different areas of your life.   A perfect example is being in a room with a group of inspirational speakers at “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life”. I felt inspired, energised and pumped simply by being in a room full of amazing souls.


Thank You

I started the idea with a very simple vision – to spread the message to my fellow female to love ourselves more, following our dreams, pursue our passion and live life on our own terms.   Instead, I have received so much more! I am super pumped and inspired by my fellow speakers, and I’ve also built new connections with everyone. But most important of all, the positive feedbacks I have received from the participants and speakers are now acting as a constant reminder to “Why I Do What I Do!”

Thank you everyone for supporting “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life”! I am extremely grateful for the journey and the learning I have experienced. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all my speakers once again for taking time out of your busy schedule and share your journey.