·      Three tier high tea stand with finger sandwiches, scones and delicious handcrafted seasonal desserts

·      Complete with all your high tea needs

·      Selection of local boutique tea blends

·      Nespresso Coffee

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⦁ Exotic Spice High Tea (+$10 per person)
⦁ A special high tea menu range created for the chai tea lovers.
⦁ We have created a special dessert range that infuses and includes our secret blend of spiced teas and chai in our finger food and desserts
⦁ This will not only enhance your exotic tea experience, but will bring your love of chai to new heights.

⦁ Champagne High Tea (+$10 per person)
⦁ How would you like to add a glass of champagne to your booking with our high tea menu range created for the bubble lovers?
⦁ Using only the highest quality sparkling wines, we have created a special dessert range that infuses and includes Champagne flavours in our finger food and desserts
⦁ This will not only give you a completely indulgent experience, but will bring your love of champagne to the next level.

⦁ Inner Beauty High Tea (+$15 per person)
⦁ Partnering up with our great friends at “Life of Cha”, we pamper you with their special Crystal Tea which contains collagen for skin elasticity, promotes circulation to the eyes, stimulates the scalp for healthy hair and also contains high antioxidant levels, creating a special beauty high tea menu option.
⦁ The Crystal Tea also produces a unique purplish blue which not only beautifies you from the inside out, but also makes the high tea display extra beautiful and Insta-worthy.

⦁ Essential Oil Experience ($15 per person)
⦁ A special high tea menu created for essential oil lovers, or those curious about the ancient benefits of oil.
⦁ We only uses the best of the best and have selected dŌTERRA as our preferred essential oil partner.
⦁ Enjoy your choice of essential oil blend from dŌTERRA’s emotional aromatherapy range; Peace, Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive or Console (to be chosen at time of booking)
⦁ Experience the uniqueness of a customised high tea that infuses your chosen essential oils into your finger food and desserts
⦁ This package includes an oil diffuser that will be gently providing you with your favourite essential oil blend on the day.
⦁ This will not only bring your love for essential oils to the next level, but also enhances the therapeutic quality of the oils themselves.

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  • Manicure & Pedicure (express manicure starting from $35).
  • Private Massage (price starting from $110).
  • Facial (price starting from $80).

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Whether it’s adding some fun to your special event or organising the activities and extras for an unforgettable hen’s party, we can organise all the fun and “naughty” party needs for you to make your high tea party extra special. The options are endless.

  • Topless Waiter.
  • Hens Party Games & Activities.
  • Themed birthday parties.
  • Limo transport.
  • Baby shower.

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Pick Your Private Coaching / Workshop Topic (If you want to bring more purpose to your high tea) approx. 3 hours for $500 per booking.

Do you find it challenging to find the right seminar / workshop to suits your busy schedule or your personal needs? Our Nifty Chicks packages are designed just for you!

You will not only be able to enjoy a personalised private seminar that is designed just for you and your friends, over delicious high tea, you will also be growing and learning while having fun with people you love.

Your Nifty Chick’s experience starts with complimentary one-on-one discovery sessions / consultations over the phone with you and all of your guests. It is our passion to know each and every one of our customers personally, so we can provide the best service for your day with us.

Our Topics include:

Career / Business

  • Setting effective goals and taking action

    • How often have you set goals only to give up half way through because life just gets in the way?
    • We will first find out your biggest challenges around taking action and follow through during our discovery call sessions.
    • During the seminar we will then give you a set of personalised tips and solutions to help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself that you could be.
    • We will also help you set goals for the next you months, and teach you the strategies to actually achieve them.
  • Finding your passion and loving your career

    • Is what you do everyday a job or a career? 80% of Australians go to work each day to earn an income, and only 20% actually enjoy what they do.
    • How amazing would it be if you could actually find a career that you are passionate about, or even become passionate about what you are currently doing?
    • During our discovery phone sessions, we will be exploring how each of your guests feel about their current work situations.
    • A unique and personalised set of exercises and topics will then be set for your private seminar, which helps you overcome those challenges, and look at ways to build a passionate career.


  • Effective planning and organisation

    • Having worked in the Construction industry for more than 10 years, I have developed a series of planning and organisation tools & techniques that have helped me to be efficient and organized in a fast paced environment.
    • These techniques are high adaptable for everyday use, and many of them are fun to implement!
    • During our discovery phone sessions I will first find out what the key challenges are for you and your guests, before presenting the most suitable suite of highly adaptable implementation plans that you can all take away and apply to your day-to-day lives straight away.
  • Build the most amazing relationship with yourself

    • How many times have you heard yourself or your friends saying that in the process of building a family, career and better future, they seem to have lost themselves?
    • As busy women these days, too often we spend a large amount of our time taking care of others, we forgot to take care of the most important person in our lives – ourselves.
    • Having gone through this exact struggle and now built an amazing relationship with myself, I understand the struggle.
    • During our discovery sessions, we will first find the commonalities between you and your guests in terms of the challenges you face towards self love. We will then provide simple tips and acts of self love that you can include in your daily routines, to give yourself the attention you deserve.

Fun & Creative:

  • Finding your soul mate

    • Do you find yourself always dating the wrong guys? Do you never seem to be able to find that someone who just understands?  Or do you simply find you just can’t meet a guy that you can build connections with?
    • This is the seminar for you! In order to find your soulmate you first must work on yourself.  We will help you work on your missing links and have you sending the right messages to the right guys.
  • Private Cooking Demonstrations

    • Are you looking for quick and easy recipe ideas for you and your family?
    • Or is there something on our By Lala High Tea + menu that you would really love to learn to make yourself?
    • Making food with friends / family or even our colleagues is a great way to build connections, have fun, and experience something different.
    • From meal prep, to healthy food ideas, to making desserts, the options are endless. So why not contact us today, and see what we can make together ?
  • Creating your own home crafted gift ideas (baking / gift card / gift packaging)

    • Are you a nifty chick that loves DIY?
    • What about getting your kids involved in making their own home crafted gifts for the next special occasion?
    • Nothing sends a more personalised message than giving someone a handmade gift from you, specially made for them!
    • From card making, to packaging your own baked goods or even creative gift wrapping ideas, we have got you covered!
    • Let us get your creative genius going, and have you connected with your inner child!

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