I visited The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Sydney a few days ago and really enjoyed the food, tea latte, and the environment!  Being a tea lover myself, I have long heard raving reviews about this place but never had a chance to visit myself.  Thanks to an invite from my friend Kiri, I finally found a perfect reason to visit.

Located at the back of Chippendale on Abercrombie Street, The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar is well tucked away in a quiet oasis on the fringe of the Sydney CBD. It’s not the most convenient spot to get to if you are travelling by public transport, however, I do find walking through Central Park and the Southern part of the CBD on a Sunday afternoon rather relaxing.

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

Walking in from Abercrombie Street, my first impression is a sunny and welcoming space.  I love the clean cut, simple and modern decor, which provides a sense of calmness and serenity.  The tea bar is generally quiet and I would assume a great place to do some work over a cup of tea also.

There is a large selection of tea and tea latte on the menu.  They all look so beautifully presented and I have to say, it was tough choosing what drink I wanted to try out for my first visit.  I ordered the London Fog Latte with almond milk and Tea Marbled Egg & Kale Kimchi on Sourdough toast.

The London Fog Tea Latte from The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

The London Fog Latte – Perfect Winter Warmer

The almond milk was frothed to perfection (which is a hard thing to do). This Earl Grey based tea comes through the almond milk with just enough sweetness from the sugar sprinkled on the top! A perfect winters drink!




Tea Smoked Marbled Egg + Kale Kimchi on Sourdough Toast

Kimchi + Tea Marbled Egg on Toast

The tea marbled egg doesn’t taste as strong as I would make them, however, I think it’s just enough to suit the Australian palate! I’ve never had Kimchi on toast, but I must say, if you are a Kimchi lover like me, you will absolutely love this funky combination! It made me want to rush to the closest Korean grocer to buy a bucket of my favourite Kimchi!

Tea Heaven and Everything Tea

I spent a little bit of time going over the tea corner and browsing through the display.  I was overwhelmed with the different types of tea as well as various gift packs and all the tea brewing kits, cups, mugs and accessories you can buy.   I think I’m going to have to go back and try all of the different teas, I have a feeling a few good dessert ideas would come from simply trying and tasting the different blends they have in the store.

Would I recommend The Rabbit Hole? Yes! I think it’s a perfect place to hang out on a lazy winter’s day, over a cup of tea, that will warm you up from the inside out!