If you love lavender tea, you probably know that like many herbal teas, it’s good for your health.  But did you know this purple flower actually has quite a few healing properties?  Not to mention it also makes the simplest of desserts taste amazing!

Last week, I made some white chocolate lavender brownies, and my whole apartment was full of sweet lavender smells for the entire day.   I love to infuse tea and herbs into my food to enhance flavours, as well as utilising the health benefits tea and herbs offer.

This actually gave me the idea for this blog, and a series of blogs on the benefits of different teas. So this week, I am going to start with lavender.

Lavender field

Lala meets lavender – First encounter

I was first introduced to lavender as a cosmetic product because of its soothing benefits to the skin.  Later on, as the use of lavender become more popular, I realised that it’s medicinal benefits actually go beyond just making your skin look and feel younger.   What excited me the most, is that I can actually infuse it into food, and make the most delicious desserts. Lavender actually pairs really well with white chocolate, and can be used as an easy ingredient to make a simple butter cookie taste extraordinary. So, let me tell you some of the common benefits of lavender.

Relaxation & improved quality of sleep

This is the most commonly known benefit of lavender tea. Drinking lavender tea before sleep or applying any form of lavender to your pillow or on your body before sleep can help you feel more relaxed, and also help you to fall asleep a lot easier. It is known to be very effective in improving sleep qualities.

Anti inflammatory

When applied to wounds, lavender is actually highly effective in soothing inflamed areas. Taking a long bath with lavender water is known to relax your muscles and reduce inflammation too.

Stomach and digestive issues

As well as working on the outside of our body, lavender tea can also sooth inflammation from the inside out! It’s great to reduce signs of bloating and indigestion.

Lower blood pressure

Lavender is full of antioxidants, which also helps reduce blood pressure and ease the tension of blood vessels. It is great for the heart and lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.

 Soothes,hydrates and calms the skin

Lavender, when infused in water, can provide hydration to your skin, as well as calm and soothe your skin. www.organicfacts.net suggested an easy, mobile way to always take care of your skin is to fill a spray bottle with lavender flowers. When your skin is feeling dry or irritated, simply spray some of the infused water on the area and enjoy the quick relief that it can provide. This can also work for chronic conditions, like psoriasis, eczema, and even acne.

Mosquito Repellent

I don’t think many people know about this, but lavender water can also be used as a mosquito repellent, as mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender. It’s a great natural way to keep the mosquitos away!

Recipe – Bake your own “Lavender White Chocolate Butter Cookie”

I want to leave you with this simple and elegant Lavender White Chocolate Butter Cookie recipe so you can all taste how amazing it is

Lavender White Chocolate CookiesIngredients

Butter 135g (softened)

Sugar 90g

Egg x 1

Flour 200g

Lavender tea 2 tbs

White Chocolate 100g



  1. Beat butter and sugar in a mixer until butter is nice and fluffy (it will turn into a lighter yellow)
  2. Slowly add the egg in two batches while continuing to beat the butter mixture
  3. Once the mixture is well combined, add flour and mix well.
  4. Put lavender tea into a blender and blend into finer chunks
  5. Gently mix into the dough
  6. Wrap the dough inside glad wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before cutting into desired shapes.
  7. Heat oven to 180 degree C and bake until cookies turn golden brown
  8. Take the cookies out of the oven, and leave on cooling rack to cool
  9. Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler (i.e. put your mixing bowl over a pot of boiling water, and then use the steam from the boiling water to melt the white chocolate)
  10. Once the white chocolate has fully melted, dip the cookies into white chocolate and place back onto cooling rack to cool
  11. Sprinkle a little bit of lavender tea on the white chocolate as decoration