Kitchen Tea, Bridal Party or Hens Party… Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all about “the Mrs. to be”!!


First of all, I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came and visited my stand last weekend at the Sydney Bridal Expo.  It was so good to meet so many of you and have a chat or two about your upcoming wedding.  

While I was at the Bridal Expo, there was one question that got asked a lot by the ladies who visited my stand.   I thought I would dedicate my April Newsletter to answering this all important question for you all.


“What is the difference between Kitchen Tea / Bridal Shower / Hens Party?”


The short answer is, they are really all pretty much the same.  The purpose of it all is for close family and friends to celebrate with the bride to be and have a bit of fun before the big day.

However, this blog simply would not be informative enough if I just give you my short answer.  As similar as they are, there are slight differences between the three.  


Kitchen Tea & Bridal Shower

Out of the three, Kitchen Tea & Bridal Shower are probably the most similar.  They are both generally done during the day, and would involve family, friends of the bride as well as family members from the groom’s side.   

Traditionally only ladies will be invited to a kitchen tea or bridal shower, however these days some guys would also be attending.  Generally, light meals, refreshments or high tea style catering would be served at a kitchen Tea or Bridal Shower.  Some bride would even request for a themed party, or even ask the guests to dress for the occasion.

In terms of the venue, there really isn’t any rules.  Depending on numbers, budget and availability, they could either be at someone’s home, hotel lobbies, cafe, restaurants or even an outdoor area.  

Traditionally the real difference between a kitchen tea and bridal shower is in the gifts.  As the name implies, guests would traditionally bring kitchen items as their gifts to the bride.  The activities would be around providing the bride with tips and tricks around the kitchen.  A bridal shower on the other hand doesn’t really have any rules around the gifts, they really can be anything for the bride to use in her new home.


Hens Party

Traditionally a hens party is the bride’s last chance to have a bit of fun as a single lady, and for this reason, generally only close friends of the bride are invited.  It generally happens at night time, however, these days many brides also prefer more tamed activities during the day such as drawing classes, picnics, wine tours or group pampering.  For the brides that still prefers a bit of fun, topless waiters, games, hens party cruises are still very popular.

Generally guests don’t need to bring any gifts to a hens party, however, they will contribute to the expenses for the hens party.  


Which One Should I Pick?

There really isn’t any right or wrong answers here, it really depends on who the bride would like to invite and the type of activities she would like to have.   

Some bride will opt for a bridal shower and a hens party so they could celebrate the occasion with the family and older generations during the day, but still able to have some fun with close girlfriends.

In my opinion, weddings are so expensive these days, not just for the bride and groom, but also the guests when it comes to gifts and activities such as bridal showers.  There is nothing worse than making your guests feel like they are out of pocket.  So when it comes to planning your kitchen tea, bridal shower or hens party, my suggestion is think about would make the bride happy, and also consider, creative and thoughtful options that will create a pleasant and memorable occasion for most of the guests (unfortunately, you can never make everyone happy). 

Hopefully this clarifies and answers your question.  If you have any more questions relating to Kitchen Tea / Bridal Shower / Hens Party, please feel free to contact me on