If you love your cocktails and are health conscious like me, then you will love this healthy alternative mixed berry shake too!

Whilst a bit of espresso martini after a stressful day at work is always a great way to relax and reward yourself, it also definitely will contribute to the increasing waistline if we have too much of it!

My answer to having a bit of fun on “School Nights”

A few years ago as I started to learn to love myself better and reward myself with healthy food, I was faced with a few little challenges. My biggest struggle was to find the right replacement on the days where I needed a bit of a self-treat, but wanting something healthy.

As a dessert lover, I quite often use rum in my desserts to elevate them to the next level. One day, I came up with this idea as I was making a cake, maybe I can add a bit of rum into my shake? With this idea in mind, I started experimenting.   I added a dash of rum into my breakfast shake one Sunday morning, and just absolutely loved it! I then also started experimenting with other drinks like Baileys, Kahlua and my favourite strawberry liqueur, and all worked pretty well.

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my “adult” version shake in a martini glass on Instagram, and one of my friends asked if I could share this recipe

So here it is… my well hidden secret till today… My grown up version healthy mixed berry shake



1 banana

¼ cup of frozen mixed berries

200ml of almond or coconut milk

1 scoop of your favourite berry flavour or vanilla flavour protein powder (optional)

½ tea spoon of rum


  1. Put banana, frozen berries, milk and protein powder in a blender (blend well)
  2. Put rum into the mixture and mix for a few more seconds before serving
  3. If you feel like something fancy, pore it in a martini glass and put some mint leaves and raspberry on top just like to picture

Now all you need to do is change into your PJ’s, tune into your favourite TV show and relax! (maybe turn the heater on as well if you are drinking it in winter haha)

xx Lala