Looking Beyond the Humble Cup of Tea

The humble cup of tea has long been a beverage of choice in many Asian countries.  It has been deeply embedded as an important part of the Asian culture for centuries.  Ever since the introduction of tea during the 17th Century, tea has also become a part of the Western culture, especially in France and [...]

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The History and Origin of High Tea

"Nothing say self-indulgence more than being able to slowly savor every bite and enjoy the sensory experience from sight, to smell, to taste, and finally that after taste which lingers long after"   Lala Wang What High Tea Means to Me I cannot help but think how fitting it is to write about the history and [...]

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“Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life” – From a simple vision, to an amazing journey

Still riding on the high from last Saturday’s “Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life” seminar   It's been a few days since "Your Dreams / Your Passion / Your Life".  As I temporarily packed away my event organiser's hat and get back to my normal day to day, I am still really pumped [...]

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What My First Year In Entrepreneurship Taught Me

  “How you define your life is entirely your choice. You can choose to see the worst in every situation, or you can simply choose to the positives and the opportunities life presents to you” --- Angela Wang 2017 Yesterday Facebook Memories reminded me it was the one year anniversary of the first event I [...]

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