Lavender Tea – Healing Properties & Dessert Recipe

If you love lavender tea, you probably know that like many herbal teas, it's good for your health.  But did you know this purple flower actually has quite a few healing properties?  Not to mention it also makes the simplest of desserts taste amazing! Last week, I made some white chocolate lavender brownies, and my [...]

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Lala’s Healthy Mixed Berry Shake (Grown Up Version)

If you love your cocktails and are health conscious like me, then you will love this healthy alternative mixed berry shake too! Whilst a bit of espresso martini after a stressful day at work is always a great way to relax and reward yourself, it also definitely will contribute to the increasing waistline if we [...]

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Lala’s Recipe – Healthy BCAA Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls - The Healthy Solution to My Desert Addiction It’s a fact, that I love my desserts and sweets. When I first started my journey of getting fit and healthy, the biggest challenge was to avoid letting my sweet tooth ruin a healthy diet… Until I found bliss balls (or protein balls if you [...]

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